[ fool-er-tuhn ]


  1. a city in SW California, SE of Los Angeles.

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Example Sentences

“This paper is absolutely fascinating,” says Nancy Segal, a developmental psychologist at California State University, Fullerton who has researched twins but wasn’t involved in the study.

I lived in an apartment in Fullerton with my brother where touring punk bands would crash and get tattooed at our kitchen table.

Fullerton's most recent report indicates zero offenses even when considering non-campus locales.

The last person to owe his life to Oskar Schindler's famous list died last week in Fullerton, California.

Nancy Snow, a professor of cross-cultural communications at California State University, Fullerton, calls it “shame jujitsu.”

Fiona Fullerton, a future Bond girl in A View to a Kill, is our leading lady and, sadly, she has much less to offer.

Mrs. Fullerton had herself suggested that Henriette should go over to Paris to see what could be done to patch up the quarrel.

Mrs. Fullerton grew so excited in her condemnation of any other kind, that it was dangerous to put them before her.

Two charming children of her own and—but Mrs. Fullerton, with a painful flush, would turn her mind from the subject.

Mrs. Fullerton would now depend entirely on her children for every solace and pleasure.

Oh no, you can see that she is without a care in the world; she is like Miss Fullerton, always full of good cheer and kindness.





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