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or ful·ness

[ fool-nis ]


  1. the quality or state of being filled completely or to utmost capacity:

    The fullness of our fruit baskets speaks of a magnificent harvest.

  2. the quality or state of being filled or rounded out, as in form or shape:

    garments designed for a fullness of figure.

  3. the state of having eaten enough, especially more than enough:

    I doubt you can get this sense of fullness from a diet of just salad.

  4. the quality or condition of having ample width or folds of fabric:

    The fullness of the girls’ skirts helps us to approximate the date of the photo.

  5. Music. the quality of possessing a richness or intensity of sound: a subtle lack of fullness in the opening passage.

    the fullness of the strings;

    a subtle lack of fullness in the opening passage.

  6. (especially in wine, beer, or coffee) richness of body and flavor:

    Our merlot is prized for its color and fullness.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of fullness1

First recorded before 1000; Middle English fulnesse, Old English fullnis, fillnis; full 1( def ), -ness ( def )
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Example Sentences

The mainstream entertainment industry isn’t committed to showing “otherness” in its true fullness, messiness and realness yet.

From Time

I’ve already gushed about the fullness of the sound, so here are the specs behind the effect.

Those societies will settle new stars, and in the fullness of cosmological time, they’ll hop from system to system until they’ve settled the whole galaxy.

So, as their mortal course finds its natural end, whether or not the fullness of their work is done, we must remember them.

Hope that we would each, whatever our race, one day be able to be known in the fullness of who we are.

From Time

And equal to Bunning in decency, honesty, fullness of thought, and forwardly straight talk was Rick Robinson.

Trippy, echoing sound effects give “A Brain In A Bottle” a sense of fullness and dimension—as they do for “Guess Again!”

In the fullness of time it is possible to see beyond the fleeting moments of a life to a more balanced and complete picture.

He has “no idea” if the fullness of the memory will ever materialize.

Real horror ought to inform our policy debates at least as much in the fullness of time.

The differences in the three great makers seems to be now decided to consist in fullness of tone and quantity of power.

What we have to look for in a violin is that roundness and fullness of quality which are combined in the term sweetness.

Also, I did manage, in the fullness of time, to deliver La Pere's ten thousand dollars without further gun-play.

And the fullness, the depth of those incredible chords actually set my blood tingling.

We employed some hours in going over it, and I shall therefore describe it with some fullness.


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