or ful·ness

[ fool-nis ]
/ ˈfʊl nɪs /
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the quality or state of being filled completely or to utmost capacity: The fullness of our fruit baskets speaks of a magnificent harvest.
the quality or state of being filled or rounded out, as in form or shape: garments designed for a fullness of figure.
the state of having eaten enough, especially more than enough: I doubt you can get this sense of fullness from a diet of just salad.
the quality or condition of having ample width or folds of fabric: The fullness of the girls’ skirts helps us to approximate the date of the photo.
Music. the quality of possessing a richness or intensity of sound: the fullness of the strings; a subtle lack of fullness in the opening passage.
(especially in wine, beer, or coffee) richness of body and flavor: Our merlot is prized for its color and fullness.



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Origin of fullness

First recorded before 1000; Middle English fulnesse, Old English fullnis, fillnis; see full1, -ness
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