fully fledged


  1. (of a young bird) having acquired its adult feathers and thus able to fly
  2. developed or matured to the fullest degree
  3. of full rank or status
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Examples from the Web for fully-fledged

Historical Examples of fully-fledged

  • Girls like me have beak and talons like fully-fledged falcons.

    The Days of Chivalry

    Ernest Louis Victor Jules L'Epine

  • In that age, therefore, we must not expect to find any fully-fledged Socialism.

  • If you were fully-fledged scouts of record, you surely would be awarded a badge.

    Girl Scouts at Dandelion Camp

    Lillian Elizabeth Roy

  • He had graduated with honors, and taken a prize essay, and was now a fully-fledged modern young man.

    Hope Mills

    Amanda M. Douglas

  • On his left breast he wore the double brevet of a fully-fledged pilot.