[ fyoo-muh-rohl ]
/ ˈfyu məˌroʊl /


a hole in or near a volcano, from which vapor rises.

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Origin of fumarole

1805–15; < French fumerolle < Late Latin fūmāriōlum, diminutive of Latin fūmārium smoke chamber, equivalent to fūm(us) smoke + -ārium -arium; see -ole1

Related formsfu·ma·rol·ic [fyoo-muh-rol-ik] /ˌfyu məˈrɒl ɪk/, adjective

Can be confusedcaldera fumarole geyser volcano

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British Dictionary definitions for fumarole


/ (ˈfjuːməˌrəʊl) /


a vent in or near a volcano from which hot gases, esp steam, are emitted
Derived Formsfumarolic (ˌfjuːməˈrɒlɪk), adjective

Word Origin for fumarole

C19: from French fumerolle, from Late Latin fūmāriolum smoke hole, from Latin fūmus smoke

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Science definitions for fumarole


[ fyōōmə-rōl′ ]

A vent in the surface of the Earth from which hot smoke and gases escape. Fumaroles are found on or near volcanoes, especially in areas where volcanic activity is in its later stages.
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