[ fyoom ]
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  1. Often fumes . any smokelike or vaporous exhalation from matter or substances, especially of an odorous or harmful nature: tobacco fumes; noxious fumes of carbon monoxide.

  2. an irritable or angry mood: He has been in a fume ever since the contract fell through.

verb (used with object),fumed, fum·ing.
  1. to emit or exhale, as fumes or vapor: giant stacks fuming their sooty smoke.

  2. to treat with or expose to fumes.

verb (used without object),fumed, fum·ing.
  1. to rise, or pass off, as fumes: smoke fuming from an ashtray.

  2. to emit fumes: The leaky pipe fumed alarmingly.

  1. to show fretful irritation or anger: She always fumes when the mail is late.

Origin of fume

1350–1400; Middle English <Old French fum<Latin fūmus smoke, steam, fume

Other words for fume

Other words from fume

  • fumeless, adjective
  • fumelike, adjective
  • fumer, noun
  • fum·ing·ly, adverb
  • un·fum·ing, adjective

Other definitions for fumé (2 of 2)

[ fy-mey ]

  1. of food, cured or flavored by exposure to smoke; smoked.

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British Dictionary definitions for fume


/ (fjuːm) /

  1. (intr) to be overcome with anger or fury; rage

  2. to give off (fumes) or (of fumes) to be given off, esp during a chemical reaction

  1. (tr) to subject to or treat with fumes; fumigate

  1. (often plural) a pungent or toxic vapour

  2. a sharp or pungent odour

  1. a condition of anger

Origin of fume

C14: from Old French fum, from Latin fūmus smoke, vapour

Derived forms of fume

  • fumeless, adjective
  • fumelike, adjective
  • fumer, noun
  • fumingly, adverb
  • fumy, adjective

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Scientific definitions for fume


[ fyōōm ]

  1. Smoke, vapor, or gas, especially if irritating, harmful, or smelly.

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