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[ fuhn-duh-men-tl-ist ]


  1. an adherent of fundamentalism, a religious movement characterized by a strict belief in the literal interpretation of religious texts:

    radical fundamentalists.


  1. noting or relating to fundamentalism or fundamentalists:

    fundamentalist sects.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of fundamentalist1

First recorded in 1920–25; fundamental ( def ) + -ist ( def )

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Example Sentences

They also stated that Islamic fundamentalists and riotous groups are encouraged by the new tyranny and are on the hunt for LGBTQ people.

Both moderates, Baerbock and Habeck have bridged divides between the party’s long-feuding fundamentalist and realist wings, overseeing the Greens’ consolidation as a pro-business, centrist party.

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Their core ideology is fundamentalist, particularly towards women.

The journey from fundamentalist to regular person, it turns out, makes for a more compelling story than the journey from fundamentalist to personal brand.

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At our best, America remains a rebellious project against tribal and fundamentalist forces.

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“To the fundamentalist leadership of al-Qaida, Saddam represented the worst kind of ‘apostate’ regime,” they wrote.

“Most Jamaicans are religious and belong to fundamentalist Christian denominations,” he said.

In the current climate, fundamentalist vigilantes may well believe their actions are justified.

These fanatical groups wish to create fundamentalist enclaves in which some version of Sharia law will prevail.

Well-known defectors from fundamentalist Christianity—musicians, writers, preachers—sort roughly into two categories.

And you attacked her like some kind of fundamentalist, proving her point.

I also attend our Fundamentalist Bible lectures, Jewish mission meetings, and the like.


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