[ fyoo-neer-ee-uhl ]
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  1. of or suitable for a funeral.

  2. mournful; gloomy; dismal: a funereal aloofness that was quite chilling.

Origin of funereal

1715–25; <Latin fūnere(us) of, belonging to a funeral + -al1

Other words from funereal

  • fu·ne·re·al·ly, adverb
  • un·fu·ne·re·al, adjective
  • un·fu·ne·re·al·ly, adverb

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How to use funereal in a sentence

  • Towards some remote churchyard without a name In forced funereal marches my steps come; Far from the storied sepulchres of fame.

    Charles Baudelaire, His Life | Thophile Gautier
  • The long moss, reaching from the overhanging branches to the water, gave to the surroundings a most weird and funereal aspect.

  • Even the somber cedars lost some of the funereal gloom they wore when the skies were lowering.

  • The sacrificial joint and the funereal raiment, let those who find them bury them.

    Scarabs | Isaac Myer

British Dictionary definitions for funereal


/ (fjuːˈnɪərɪəl) /

  1. suggestive of a funeral; gloomy or mournful: Also: funebrial (fjuːˈniːbrɪəl)

Origin of funereal

C18: from Latin fūnereus

Derived forms of funereal

  • funereally, adverb

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