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[ fur-ni-shing ]


  1. furnishings,
    1. furniture, carpeting, etc., for a house or room.
    2. articles or accessories of dress:

      men's furnishings.

  2. that with which anything is furnished.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of furnishing1

First recorded in 1490–1500; furnish + -ing 1
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Example Sentences

Until then, if you want the best vacuum for pet hair, powerful suction is a must, ideally combined with a special attachment for soft furnishings and a roller that won’t get in a tangle.

Low-e coatings keep out most ultraviolet wavelengths, which helps keep furnishings from fading.

Furniture and furnishings rose 16% and home improvement products gained 14% compared with a year ago.

From Fortune

Restoration Hardware’s sales are way up, but the company estimates supply chain issues are preventing millions in unfilled orders for its luxury home furnishings.

From Quartz

The company will produce some much smaller print items, including one focused on home furnishings, next year.

From Fortune

To this evil the darkness and steepness of the streets mainly contribute, by furnishing almost a certainty of escape.

In Ohio and Missouri large quantities of tobacco are grown, the former state furnishing both cutting and seed leaf tobaccos.

The luxury of wheaten bread is introduced everywhere, North America furnishing the flour.

It was this which had been conveyed there in those furniture vans of the Trinity Furnishing Company.

Nephew by marriage of Dr. Minoret, who had secured the position for him, furnishing his security.