[ fur-ing ]
/ ˈfɜr ɪŋ /


the act of lining, trimming, or clothing with fur: Furring this coat will take several weeks.
the fur used: What kind of furring would you like?
the formation of a coating of matter on something, as on the tongue: A heavy furring could mean a high fever.
Building Trades.
  1. the attaching of strips of wood or the like (furring strips) to a wall or other surface, as to provide an even support for lath or to provide an air space between the wall and plasterwork.
  2. material used for this purpose.

Origin of furring

Middle English word dating back to 1350–1400; see origin at fur, -ing1

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[ fur ]
/ fɜr /



of or relating to fur, animal skins, dressed pelts, etc.: a fur coat; a fur trader.

verb (used with object), furred, fur·ring.

Origin of fur

1300–50; Middle English furre (noun), derivative of furren to trim with fur < Anglo-French furrer, Old French fo(u)rrer orig. to encase, derivative of fuerre sheath < Germanic; akin to Old English fōdder case, sheath, Old Norse fōthr, Greek pṓma

Related forms

fur·less, adjective

Can be confused

fir fur
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/ (ˈfɜːrɪŋ) /


  1. short for furring strip
  2. the fixing of furring strips
  3. furring strips collectively
the formation of fur on the tongue
trimming of animal fur, as on a coat or other garment, or furs collectively

British Dictionary definitions for furring (2 of 2)


/ (fɜː) /


verb furs, furring or furred

Derived Forms

furless, adjective

Word Origin for fur

C14: from Old French forrer to line a garment, from fuerre sheath, of Germanic origin; related to Old English fōdder case, Old Frisian fōder coat lining
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see make the dust (fur) fly.

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