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[fyoo-zuh l, -sil]
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  1. a light flintlock musket.
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Origin of fusil1

1670–80; < French: musket, Old French fuisil, foisil steel for striking fire < Vulgar Latin *focīlis, derivative of Latin focus fire. See focus


[fyoo-zuh l, -sil]
  1. formed by melting or casting; fused; founded.
  2. Archaic. capable of being melted; fusible.
  3. Archaic. melted; molten.
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Also fu·sile [fyoo-zuh l, -sil, -sahyl] /ˈfyu zəl, -sɪl, -saɪl/.

Origin of fusil2

1350–1400; Middle English < Latin fūsilis molten, fluid. See fuse2, -ile
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Historical Examples

  • Our artillery lost its value, and we met them with fusil and caliver.

    John Splendid

    Neil Munro

  • Alexis, meanwhile, had dropped his rifle and taken up the fusil of Pouchskin.


    Mayne Reid

  • You talk one minute about using your fusil to shoot me, and I am not afraid.

    Trapped by Malays

    George Manville Fenn

  • When I had reached and cocked it, I presented it at an Indian who was unsheathing his fusil.

  • Many are also provided with the Northwestern fusil, and some have rifles.

British Dictionary definitions for fusil


  1. a light flintlock musket
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Word Origin

C16 (in the sense: steel for a tinderbox): from Old French fuisil, from Vulgar Latin focīlis (unattested), from Latin focus fire


  1. heraldry a charge shaped like a lengthened lozenge
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Word Origin

C15: from Old French fusel, ultimately from Latin fūsus spindle, fuse 1 (the heraldic lozenge originally represented a spindle covered with tow for spinning)
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Word Origin and History for fusil


flintlock musket, 1670s, from French fusil (see fusilier).

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