or fus·ti·nel·la

[fuhs-tuh-nel-uh, foo-stuh-]


a short stiff skirt, usually pleated, made of white cotton or linen, worn by men in some parts of the Balkans.

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Origin of fustanella

1840–50; < Italian < Modern Greek phoustanélla, diminutive of phoustáni woman's dress < Italian fustagno fustian

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Examples from the Web for fustanella

  • The streets are narrow and irregular, the men mostly in European costume, with here and there a fustanella.

  • He cannot work because he wears the fustanella, and it is said that he wears the fustanella in order to be unable to work.

British Dictionary definitions for fustanella




a white knee-length pleated skirt worn by men in Greece and Albania

Word Origin for fustanella

C19: from Italian, from Modern Greek phoustani, probably from Italian fustagno fustian

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