[ Sephardic Hebrew gah-bahy; Ashkenazic Hebrew gah-bahy; English guh-bahy ]

noun,plural Gab·ba·im [Sephardic Hebrew gah-bah-eem; Ashkenazic Hebrew gah-bahy-im], /Sephardic Hebrew gɑ bɑˈim; Ashkenazic Hebrew gɑˈbaɪ ɪm/, English Gab·bais.(sometimes lowercase)Hebrew.
  1. a minor official of a synagogue, having limited ceremonial or administrative functions.

  2. (in the early Middle Ages) a government official charged with collecting taxes.

Origin of Gabbai

Literally, “treasurer”

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How to use Gabbai in a sentence

  • He heaved a deep sigh at his own hypocrisy, and the Gabbai sighed in response.

  • Shame on you—you a Gabbai (treasurer) of the Great Synagogue.

    The King of Schnorrers | Israel Zangwill
  • Then S. Cohn felt not only Gabbai, but town councillor again.

    Ghetto Comedies | Israel Zangwill
  • There was a burst of laughter, to the Gabbai's great astonishment.

    Ghetto Comedies | Israel Zangwill
  • You're the first Gabbai I ever knew who was satisfied with his balance-sheet.

    Ghetto Comedies | Israel Zangwill