[ geyb ]


  1. a male given name, form of Gabriel.

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Example Sentences

We filmed Top Chef in October of last year & were not aware of the allegations now coming out about Gabe.

From Time

Gabe was fired from his last job in late 2020 over “repeated violations of policies.”

From Time

Gabe took a video on his cellphone, panning to capture the ocean and the Intracoastal.

Gabe and I applied the housemade salsa verde to our cemitas for a hit of acid.

Upon her arrival, she’s reunited with her brother Gabe for a short time, until a mysterious tragedy occurs — or as Square Enix describes it, a “so-called accident.”

So when Chicago auctioneer Gabe Fajuri first got a cold call from Collins describing the box, he was skeptical.

Gabe tried to kick his postmodern, adolescent sense of ennui (a “lame” feeling) through members of the opposite sex (“dames”).

If you call him Gabe Day-Lewis, he might just ‘Gabe Day Lose It.’

After one too many undergrads offered to drink his milkshake, Gabe Day apparently went on a drug-fueled bender.

“In it to win it,” Gabe concluded, before the three erupted with laughter.

He saw Big Gabe leap to clutch him, but realized that the giant was too late.

Den Moye flogged him till he war 'most dead, and arter dat chained him up in de ole cabin and gabe him 'most nuffin' to eat.

Gabelle, word of German origin (gabe), originally applied to all taxes, came to signify only the tax on salt.

She was very pale; her face was traced deep with suffering, and she was, as old Gabe said, much changed.

At the mouth of the creek that ran over old Gabe's water-wheel he turned the prow to the Lewallen shore.