/ (ˌɡæbəˈlʌnzɪ, -ˈluːnjɪ) /

  1. Scot archaic, or literary a wandering beggar: Also called: gaberlunzie-man

Origin of gaberlunzie

C16: variant of earlier gaberlungy

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How to use gaberlunzie in a sentence

  • Na, grannie—Steenie's awa out wi' auld Edie Ochiltree, the gaberlunzie; maybe they'll be gaun to see the burial.

    The Antiquary, Complete | Sir Walter Scott
  • The farmer fled along the brae, and the gaberlunzie pursued, while the people at the fold were convulsed with laughter.

  • We couldna send a body away from the very door on a night of storm like this, even if he were but a mere gaberlunzie.

    Yule Logs | Various
  • Licensed beggars, called "gaberlunzie men," were still common.

  • He cam' here as a gaberlunzie, and on stating that he was indoctrinated in the sceence o' buttany, his honor garred me employ him.

    Willy Reilly | William Carleton