[ gah-bree-el-ee, gab-ree-; Italian gah-bree-e-lee ]
/ ˌgɑ briˈɛl i, ˈgæb ri-; Italian ˌgɑ briˈɛ li /
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An·dre·a [ahn-drey-uh; Italian ahn-dre-ah], /ɑnˈdreɪ ə; Italian ɑnˈdrɛ ɑ/, 1510–86, Italian organist and composer.
his nephew, Gio·van·ni [joh-vah-nee, jee-uh-; Italian jaw-vahn-nee], /dʒoʊˈvɑ ni, ˌdʒi ə-; Italian dʒɔˈvɑn ni/, 1557–1612, Italian organist and composer.
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Also Ga·bri·el·li [gah-bree-el-ee, gab-ree-; Italian gah-bree-el-lee]. /ˌgɑ briˈɛl i, ˌgæb ri-; Italian ˌgɑ briˈɛl li/.
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  • This work of Giovanni Gabrieli's fairly marks the termination of the era of a capella (unaccompanied) polyphonic church music.

    How Music Developed|W. J. Henderson
  • Giovanni Gabrieli did more, perhaps, than any other of the Venetians to lead instrumental music toward the modern style.

    How Music Developed|W. J. Henderson
  • Of these far-sighted experimenters Giovanni Gabrieli was easily chief.

  • Like Gabrieli, he appears to have produced no independent violoncello compositions.

    The Violoncello and Its History|Wilhelm Joseph von Wasielewski

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/ (Italian ɡabrɪˈɛli) /

Andrea (anˈdrɛːa). 1520–86, Italian organist and composer; chief organist of St Mark's, Venice
his nephew, Giovanni (dʒoˈvanni). 1558–1612, Italian organist and composer
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