1. Also called Q-Celtic. the subbranch of Celtic in which the Proto-Indo-European kw-sound remained a velar. Irish and Scottish Gaelic belong to Goidelic.
  1. of or belonging to Goidelic; Q-Celtic.
Also Ga·dhel·ic [guh-del-ik] /gəˈdɛl ɪk/.

Origin of Goidelic

1880–1885; < Old Irish Goídil Gael + -ic
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British Dictionary definitions for gadhelic


noun, adjective
  1. another term for Goidelic

Word Origin for Gadhelic

C19: from Old Irish Gaídelc, Goídelc the Gaelic language


Goidhelic Gadhelic

  1. the N group of Celtic languages, consisting of Irish Gaelic, Scottish Gaelic, and ManxCompare Brythonic
  1. of, relating to, or characteristic of this group of languages

Word Origin for Goidelic

C19: from Old Irish Goidel a Celt, from Old Welsh gwyddel, from gwydd savage
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Word Origin and History for gadhelic



"pertaining to the branch of Celtic languages that includes Irish, Gaelic, and Manx," 1882, coined by Sir John Rhys (and first used in his "Celtic Britain"), from Old Irish Goidel "Gael" (see Gael).

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