[ goi-del-ik ]
/ gɔɪˈdɛl ɪk /


Also called Q-Celtic. the subbranch of Celtic in which the Proto-Indo-European kw-sound remained a velar. Irish and Scottish Gaelic belong to Goidelic.


of or belonging to Goidelic; Q-Celtic.
Also Ga·dhel·ic [guh-del-ik] /gəˈdɛl ɪk/.

Origin of Goidelic

1880–1885; < Old Irish Goídil Gael + -ic
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British Dictionary definitions for gadhelic (1 of 2)

/ (ɡædˈhɛlɪk) /

noun, adjective

another term for Goidelic

Word Origin for Gadhelic

C19: from Old Irish Gaídelc, Goídelc the Gaelic language

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Goidhelic Gadhelic

/ (ɡɔɪˈdɛlɪk) /


the N group of Celtic languages, consisting of Irish Gaelic, Scottish Gaelic, and ManxCompare Brythonic


of, relating to, or characteristic of this group of languages

Word Origin for Goidelic

C19: from Old Irish Goidel a Celt, from Old Welsh gwyddel, from gwydd savage
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