[ guh-droon ]

  1. Architecture. an elaborately carved or indented convex molding.

  2. a decorative series of curved, inverted flutings, or of convex and concave flutings, as on silversmith's work.

Origin of gadroon

1715–25; <French godron (with final conformed to -oon), Middle French goderon, probably derivative of godet a kind of cup without base or handle (perhaps <Middle Dutch kodde billet, log; see -et), after the ornamentation on such cups

Other words from gadroon

  • ga·drooned, adjective
  • ga·droon·age, noun

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How to use gadroon in a sentence

  • Bronze bowls (gilt) with gadroon or lotus ornament (moulded) in later period.

  • His flatware is usually distinguished by a shell motif, and gadroon edges finish and decorate many of his pieces.

    Seaport in Virginia | Gay Montague Moore
  • A fine woven wire example, in date 1800, has a gadroon border, with handle with double bands and hinged.

British Dictionary definitions for gadroon



/ (ɡəˈdruːn) /

  1. a moulding composed of a series of convex flutes and curves joined to form a decorative pattern, used esp as an edge to silver articles

  2. architect a carved ornamental moulding having a convex cross section

Origin of gadroon

C18: from French godron, perhaps from Old French godet cup, goblet, drinking vessel

Derived forms of gadroon

  • gadrooned or godrooned, adjective

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