/ (ɡəˈlɑːnt) /

  1. an 18th-century style of music characterized by homophony and elaborate ornamentation

Origin of galant

C17: from Old French galant, from galer to make merry, from gale enjoyment, pleasure

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How to use galant in a sentence

  • You will own that I have acted en galant homme, by thinking of your wishes.

    The Tangled Skein | Emmuska Orczy, Baroness Orczy
  • Well, she deserves it for marrying a vieux galant like that!

  • Then he returned to the galant style, and in conclusion passed into a bravoura, such as from him even has seldom been heard.

  • I replied that I hoped I should conduct myself en galant homme in any circumstances.

    Simon the Jester | William J. Locke
  • This I believe to be a solitary instance of a voyage without anchorage from Port galant to the narrow channel.