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[ gal-uhnt-lee ]


  1. in a way that shows exceptional politeness and attentiveness to others, especially women:

    My husband gallantly offered to hitchhike to a gas station while I remained on the boat with our dog.

  2. in a courageous, spirited, or noble-minded way:

    He fell while gallantly leading his platoon in one of the hardest-fought battles of the war.

  3. in a grand, showy, or magnificent way:

    I've heard stories about how he would parade around gallantly in full knightly attire at the Renaissance fair.

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Other Words From

  • qua·si-gal·lant·ly adverb
  • su·per·gal·lant·ly adverb
  • un·gal·lant·ly adverb
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Word History and Origins

Origin of gallantly1

First recorded in 1550–60; gallant ( def ) + -ly
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Example Sentences

He stood for the gallant style of neutrality that comes from deep, broad knowledge of the world, its cultures, languages and entire history.

The farce gives way to unironic heroism: the friend dies gallantly, sacrificing himself to cover his men's retreat.

He was there at Gettysburg, gallantly leading outnumbered Yankee divisions before suffering a neck injury.

“I see what this man [the president] sees in you,” Stewart gallantly replied.

Several Americans, we are informed, have gallantly offered themselves for experimental purposes.

The English seized their46 opportunity and attacked as closely as the fire permitted, but they were gallantly repelled.

"And I am afraid I have lost my little girl," said Lawrence, as he took her hand, and gallantly raised it to his lips.

A Brigade made the assault East of the Ravine; the men advanced gallantly but there was lack of effective preparation.

After Castiglione he returned to his task round Mantua and gallantly repulsed all sorties.