Origin of gallant

1350–1400; Middle English gala(u)nt < Old French galant, present participle of galer to amuse oneself, make merry < Gallo-Romance *walāre, derivative of Frankish *wala good, happy; see well1, weal1


synonym study for gallant

1. See brave.
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British Dictionary definitions for gallantly


adjective (ˈɡælənt)

noun (ˈɡælənt, ɡəˈlænt) archaic

verb (ɡəˈlænt, ˈɡælənt) rare

(when intr, usually foll by with) to court or flirt (with)
(tr) to attend or escort (a woman)

Derived forms of gallant

gallantly, adverbgallantness, noun

Word Origin for gallant

C15: from Old French galant, from galer to make merry, from gale enjoyment, pleasure, of Germanic origin; related to Old English wela weal ²
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