/ ɡɔːlt /


  1. GaltJohn17791839MScottishWRITING: novelist John. 1779–1839, Scottish novelist, noted for his ironic humour, esp in Annals of the Parish (1821), The Provost (1822), and The Entail (1823)

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Example Sentences

The Red Wings practiced in the Windsor Arena that August and September, and Jack Adams signed him to a Galt contract.

Do they tap into their inner John Galt and try blatant, violent rape?

I don't mean to imply that doctors are all going to move to Galt's Gulch.

From March 2000 until February 2001, PAWS paid for Rider to live in a motel in Galt, Calif., and gave him spending money.

I also read, relatedly, John Galt's soliloquy for the first time in my life the other day.

I saw that Galt Roscoe wished to speak to me on the subject perplexing him, but I did not help him.

Citizens seized the uninjured prisoner, Captain Thompson, and put him under guard at the Galt hotel.

George Chambers wounded him, and then assisted him into the Galt hotel, where his wounds were dressed.

With the addition of Galt as the financial expert, these allies held power throughout the greater part of the next dozen years.

He did not invent it, but adopted it from a passing expression in Mr. Galt's 'Annals of the Parish.'