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Idioms about game

Origin of game

First recorded before 1000; Middle English noun game, gam, gamme “joy; pleasure; sport; hunting,” Old English gaman, gomen; cognate with Old High German gaman “glee”

synonym study for game

See play.


game·less, adjectivegame·like, adjectivegame·ness, nounun·game·like, adjective

Other definitions for game (2 of 2)

[ geym ]
/ geɪm /

lame: a game leg.

Origin of game

First recorded in 1775–85; origin uncertain
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What does game mean?

A game is an activity for amusement, particularly with rules that guide the action, like musical chairs.

A game is also the materials needed to play certain games, such as a checkerboard and disks for playing checkers.

A game is also a competitive activity, like football, or a single occasion of the activity.

To game is to play computer or video games or to gamble.

To game is used figuratively to mean to cheat or manipulate to one’s advantage.

Example: I have never been to a game that was this slow and boring.

Where does game come from?

The first records of the term game come from before the year 1000. It ultimately comes from Old English gaman and thought to be related to Old High German, meaning “glee.” While not every game is fun, the goal is usually amusement.

Game is most often used to refer to an activity meant to be entertaining. Related senses include “number of points to win a game,” “the score at a particular point in the game,” and “a particular style of playing a game.”

Informally, game can refer to a required spirit for an activity, as in Who’s game for trying the new Indian restaurant? Informally, it can also refer to a business or profession, as in The dictionary game is a lot of fun if you love words!

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What are some other forms related to game

  • gameless (adjective)
  • gamelike (adjective)
  • gameness (noun)
  • ungamelike (adjective)

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How is game used in real life?

Games are supposed to inspire amusement, but games can be taken very seriously.



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Deb’s game is to convince Ron that he is a good painter, even though he’s not.

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British Dictionary definitions for game (1 of 2)

/ (ɡeɪm) /

(intr) to play games of chance for money, stakes, etc; gamble

Derived forms of game

gamelike, adjective

Word Origin for game

Old English gamen; related to Old Norse gaman, Old High German gaman amusement

British Dictionary definitions for game (2 of 2)

/ (ɡeɪm) /

a less common word for lame 1 game leg

Word Origin for game

C18: probably from Irish cam crooked
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