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game room


  1. a room used for recreation, especially for table games.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of game room1

First recorded in 1905–10

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Example Sentences

The general idea, a mini fridge, isn’t a bad choice for any video game fan, though, especially if they have a special game room or home office where they play.

Currently, the old hotel lobby doubles as a game room, and triples as a ski shop, and stands in as a place to sleep if you don’t mind peeing outside.

Plus, Bruhn, his wife and their two young children had access to the club’s pool, game room and gym — amenities for which hotel guests often pay extra.

The policy also extended to the agency’s home base in Durham, North Carolina, where the office of CEO Joe Maglio was turned into a combination collaboration space and game room.

From Digiday

In-office meals and game rooms will hold less appeal for those who prefer working from home.

There was a buffet, a game room, a dance floor, an enormous Jacuzzi, and a mammoth swimming pool.

In the game room, Raul got Manuel to change his shoulder dressing.

In the game-room she cheated in the games, and finally broke up several games of checkers and dominoes by pushing over the boards.

During the winter months this pleasant little room was used by the boys for a game room.

But in such a crowd, they did not miss him; the young people danced and sang and played pool and ping-pong in the game-room.


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