gamma rays

plural noun

  1. streams of gamma radiation

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Example Sentences

The name is descriptive: they are extremely intense bursts of gamma rays, the highest energy form of light.

Only gamma rays can do it, since all other forms of light are too low-energy.

When the gamma rays enter the sleeve, they interact with that photon gas, annihilating into electron-positron pairs.

No word on Gamma Rays, Delta Squad, Epsilononicom, or Zetabyte.

Radioactive atoms almost always decay by emitting negatively charged beta particles usually accompanied by gamma rays.

This spectrometer detects and measures gamma rays and sorts them according to their energy.

That is, it can easily “pick out” gamma rays that are only slightly different in energy.

The gamma rays from the other sample also reveal sodium, potassium, and gold but in rather different proportions.

The gamma rays are supposed to be "X" rays produced by the beta rays striking solid objects.





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