/ (ɡæˈmeɪdɪən) /

noun plural -dia (-dɪə)

a decorative figure composed of a number of Greek capital gammas, esp radiating from a centre, as in a swastika


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Word Origin for gammadion

C19: from Late Greek, literally: little gamma
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Example sentences from the Web for gammadion

  • There remains, therefore, the supposition that the gammadion might have been introduced into the two countries by the same nation.

    Evolution in Art|Alfred C. Haddon
  • But in Persia itself the gammadion only appears as an exception on a few rare coins approaching our era.

    Evolution in Art|Alfred C. Haddon
  • It is, therefore, in this latter region that we must look for the first home of the gammadion.

    Evolution in Art|Alfred C. Haddon
  • In early Greek art the Swastika and Gammadion are everywhere, especially as embroidery on dress.

    Needlework As Art|Marian Alford