/ (ɡen) /

  1. the past participle of gae

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How to use gane in a sentence

  • "The wind has surely gane doon noo," Mysie heard her mother observe, as she spread out the clean white sheet upon the bed.

    The Underworld | James C. Welsh
  • Mysie gane, an' guid kens where she is, an' John ta'en awa' jist when oor battle was beginnin' to get easier.

    The Underworld | James C. Welsh
  • Gerbault and gane were given to conversation in undertones, and Bailey pursued mysterious purposes in lisping whispers.

    The New Machiavelli | Herbert George Wells
  • Sae tak ye comfort ower what's gane and dune wi', and canna come back, and maunna happen again.

    Salted With Fire | George MacDonald
  • He soon became even war than before; his money was a' gane, he did'na work, so what was there but poverty for his wife an' child.

    Stories and Sketches | Harriet S. Caswell