[ gahr ]
/ gɑr /

noun, plural (especially collectively) gar, (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) gars.

Also called garfish, garpike. any predaceous freshwater fish of the genus Lepisosteus, of North America, covered with hard, diamond-shaped scales and having long jaws with needlelike teeth.

Origin of gar

1755–65, Americanism; shortened form of garfish

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[ gahr ]
/ gɑr /

verb (used with object), garred, gar·ring.

Scot. to compel or force (someone) to do something.
Scot. and North England Obsolete. to do, perform, or cause.

Origin of gar

1250–1300; Middle English geren, garren, gairen < Old Norse gera to do, make; akin to Old English gearwian to prepare

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Definition for gar (4 of 4)


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/ (ɡɑː) /

noun plural gar or gars

short for garpike, garfish

British Dictionary definitions for gar (2 of 2)

/ (ɡɑːr) /


(tr) Scot to cause or compel

Word Origin for gar

from Old Norse
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