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[ gahr-nerd ]


  1. gathered, deposited, or stored in or as if in a granary or other storage place:

    L. E. Landon once observed, "We love music for the buried hopes, the garnered memories, and the tender feelings it can summon."

  2. acquired or earned:

    With a recently garnered award, this popular fragrance has become the year’s best-selling cologne.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of garner ( def ).

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  • un·gar·nered adjective

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Example Sentences

The Civilian Complaint Review Board, which investigates police misconduct, has substantiated 40 instances since Garner’s death of officers using prohibited chokeholds.

The company has yet to invest in producing original shows for the FAST channels, in part, because its legacy shows may be new to people tuning into the FAST channels but also because “the economics need to make sense,” Garner said.

From Digiday

For the last three decades, he has garnered justifiable praise as one of best pianists in jazz.

Aoki says she is surprised by how little attention the education emergency in West Africa has garnered.

She made the talk show circuit and wrote a book that garnered her a reported $4,000,000 advance.

In Georgia, Senator-elect David Perdue likewise garnered more than 40 percent of the Latino vote.

Lebanon has often garnered an outsized level of international attention compared to its small size.

To obtain this precious harvest, garnered by self-love, a woman must be looked at.

They patiently broke the watches to pieces, and of the junk they garnered made a ragged foot and a half of "wire."

Fruit that grows ripe the quickest is not the sweetest; nor when housed and garnered will it keep the longest.

Still, when the hour of departure came they had garnered enough to sweeten all the after-straits and stress of time.

Theirs was scant praise in their day but already the harvest of their labors is being garnered.