gas oven

  1. a domestic oven heated by gas

  2. a gas-fuelled cremation chamber

  1. another name for gas chamber

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How to use gas oven in a sentence

  • As our nonchalant day wore on, I lighted the gas-oven for popovers.

    Life's Minor Collisions | Frances Warner
  • Brush with shortening and broil in the gas oven for ten minutes.

    Mrs. Wilson's Cook Book | Mary A. Wilson
  • Biscuits may be baked in moderate gas oven and gas turned off when biscuits are golden brown.

    The Story of Crisco | Marion Harris Neil
  • If you use the gas oven for planking your fish, as most of us do, turn on both burners until the oven is very hot.

    Standard Paper-Bag Cookery | Emma Paddock Telford
  • Brush over with vegetable oil or melted butter, put in buttered bag and bake in gas oven or hot coal oven.

    Standard Paper-Bag Cookery | Emma Paddock Telford