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  1. the nurse shark, Ginglymostoma cirratum.
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Origin of gata

< American Spanish, Spanish: cat < Late Latin catta cat
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Historical Examples of gata

  • They did not stop until they came to Farey, and home to Gata.


    Snorri Sturlason

  • Thrand of Gata came with a great retinue, and Leif and Gille came there also, with many in their following.


    Snorri Sturlason

  • "Gata" was therefore not the English word used for gate, but a street of houses.

  • He further tells us that neas landed in Italy, just as his old nurse Caita died, at the place which still is called Gata.

  • The Duke of Gata, a peer of France, (secret letter, lettre close).