[ goh-shuh-ree; French gohshuh-ree ]
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noun,plural gau·che·ries [goh-shuh-reez; French gohshuh-ree]. /ˌgoʊ ʃəˈriz; French goʊʃəˈri/.
  1. lack of social grace, sensitivity, or acuteness; awkwardness; crudeness; tactlessness.

  2. an act, movement, etc., that is socially graceless, awkward, or tactless.

Origin of gaucherie

From French, dating back to 1790–1800; see origin at gauche, -ery

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How to use gaucherie in a sentence

  • She could not resist the delicate malice of the exclamation, she imitated the gaucherie so delightfully.

  • I was sorry that I had spoken English before him so heedlessly, and resolved that I would never be guilty of such gaucherie again.

  • The discomfited lady-killer, aspersing the name of Anna with an insolent gaucherie, has his ears boxed for his pains.

    Modernities | Horace Barnett Samuel
  • Her gaucherie was painful to her and evident and very dear to the man perceiving it.

    Under the Law | Edwina Stanton Babcock
  • He left her standing with heightened color blaming herself bitterly for her gaucherie.

    Tam O' The Scoots | Edgar Wallace

British Dictionary definitions for gaucherie


/ (ˌɡəʊʃəˈriː, ˈɡəʊʃərɪ, French ɡoʃri) /

  1. the quality of being gauche

  2. a gauche act

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