[ gous ]
/ gaʊs /


Karl Frie·drich [kahrl free-drikh] /kɑrl ˈfri drɪx/, 1777–1855, German mathematician and astronomer.


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/ (ɡaʊs) /

noun plural gauss

the cgs unit of magnetic flux density; the flux density that will induce an emf of 1 abvolt (10 –8 volt) per centimetre in a wire moving across the field at a velocity of 1 centimetre per second. 1 gauss is equivalent to 10 –4 tesla

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after Karl Gauss

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/ (German ɡaus) /


Karl Friedrich (karl ˈfriːdrɪç). 1777–1855, German mathematician: developed the theory of numbers and applied mathematics to astronomy, electricity and magnetism, and geodesy

Derived forms of Gauss

Gaussian (ˈɡaʊsɪən), adjective
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[ gousē-ən ]


Relating to or described by German mathematician and astronomer Karl Friedrich Gauss (1777-1855).

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[ gous ]

n. pl. gauss

The centimeter-gram-second unit of magnetic induction.
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[ gous ]

The unit of magnetic flux density in the centimeter-gram-second system, equal to one maxwell per square centimeter, or 10-4 tesla.
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