[ gey-nis ]
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  1. gay or lesbian sexual orientation or behavior.

  2. Older Use. the state or quality of being bright or showy: the gayness of the décor.

  1. Older Use. the state or quality of being merry or lively: her gayness of spirit.

Origin of gayness

First recorded in 1400–50 for defs. 2, 3, and in 1950–55 for def. 1; Middle English gaynesse, gainesse; see gay + -ness

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How to use gayness in a sentence

  • Each candlestick wore, with holiday gayness, a large green bow, and the soft combination of color and grouping was charming.

    Suppers | Paul Pierce
  • The streets were clean and bright; and there was plenty of gayness and joy—for them as could grab a share of it.

    The Devil's Garden | W. B. Maxwell
  • And as he spoke all of the gayness of joy was lost from the voice of my beloved Gouverneur and in its place was a bitterness.

    The Daredevil | Maria Thompson Daviess
  • He had selected them for the gayness of their uniforms, which he fancied betokened their exalted rank.

    The Cruise of the Frolic | W.H.G. Kingston
  • Her good spirits and gayness created a happy mood in the nation.