gear up

  1. (tr) to equip with gears

  2. to prepare, esp for greater efficiency: is our industry geared up for these new challenges?

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How to use gear up in a sentence

  • He's had time enough to gear up in proper style, while you were so eloquent along the stairs.

    Guy Rivers: A Tale of Georgia | William Gilmore Simms
  • Every morning about a camp we would watch the hombres gear up those pensive and placid creatures.

    The Sea and the Jungle | H. M. Tomlinson
  • You gear up ole Jule to the buggy and git down a comforter for me.

  • Found a place about a mile away, but we were so done up that it took until 11.30 to get gear up.

    South! | Sir Ernest Shackleton
  • So the old man came forth, and went slowly in his clashing war-gear up on to the dais.

    The House of the Wolfings | William Morris