[ gey-buh; Portuguese zhe-bah ]

  1. a river in W Africa, flowing N from NW Guinea-Bissau to the Atlantic Ocean. About 190 miles (305 km) long.

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How to use Gêba in a sentence

  • They have passed through the Pass; "Let Geba be our bivouac."

  • The first blow was struck at the town of Geba: what followed at once?

    Heroes of Israel | Theodore Gerald Soares
  • We went down to the gardens and pasture-land, and stopped to rest at the Village of Geba, which hangs on the side of the mountain.

    The Lands of the Saracen | Bayard Taylor
  • The one crag rose up on the north in front of Michmash, and the other on the south in front of Geba.

    The Bible Story | Rev. Newton Marshall Hall
  • One rock rose up north of Michmash, and the other south of Geba.

    The Children's Bible | Henry A. Sherman