gefilte fish

or ge·fill·te fish, ge·füll·te fish, ge·ful·te fish

[ guh-fil-tuh ]
/ gəˈfɪl tə /

noun Jewish Cookery.

a forcemeat of boned fish, especially such freshwater fish as carp, pike, or whitefish, blended with eggs, matzo meal, and seasoning, shaped into balls or sticks and simmered in a vegetable broth, and often served chilled.

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Origin of gefilte fish

1890–95; < Yiddish: literally, stuffed fish Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

British Dictionary definitions for gefilte fish

gefilte fish

gefllte fish

/ (ɡəˈfɪltə) /


Jewish cookery a dish consisting of fish and matzo meal rolled into balls and poached, formerly served stuffed into the skin of a fish

Word Origin for gefilte fish

Yiddish, literally: filled fish

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Word Origin and History for gefilte fish

gefilte fish


1892, gefüllte Fisch, not a species but a loaf made from various kinds of ground fish and other ingredients; the first word is from Yiddish, from German gefüllte "stuffed."

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