[ German guh-mahyn-shahft ]

noun,plural ge·mein·schaf·ten [German guh-mahyn-shahf-tuhn]. /German gəˈmaɪnˌʃɑf tən/. (often initial capital letter)
  1. an association of individuals having sentiments, tastes, and attitudes in common; fellowship.

  2. Sociology. a society or group characterized chiefly by a strong sense of common identity, close personal relationships, and an attachment to traditional and sentimental concerns.

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Origin of gemeinschaft

1935–40; <German: community, equivalent to gemein common + -schaft-ship

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British Dictionary definitions for gemeinschaft


/ (German ɡəˈmainʃaft) /

nounplural -schaften (German -ʃaftən)
  1. (often capital) a social group united by common beliefs, family ties, etc: Compare gesellschaft

Origin of gemeinschaft

German, literally: community

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