noun, plural gems·boks, (especially collectively) gems·bok.
  1. a large antelope, Oryx gazella, of southern and eastern Africa, having long, straight horns and a long, tufted tail.
Also gemsbuck.

Origin of gemsbok

1770–80; < Afrikaans < German Gemsbock male chamois. See gems, buck1
Also called oryx. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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Historical Examples of gemsbok

  • He learned that the evicted crew of the Gemsbok had been living in the hut nearby.

  • So if the Space Force should seize the Gemsbok, they'll all hear about it?

  • Even in this very hour of high art, our painters do not give the most correct delineation of the head of a gemsbok.

  • That, with what remained of the gemsbok, would secure them against falling short of provision, should game prove scarce.

  • Hans mentioned several reasons why the gemsbok could not be the “fabled unicorn.”

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noun plural -bok, -boks, -buck or -bucks
  1. Southern African another word for oryx

Word Origin for gemsbok

C18: from Afrikaans, from German Gemsbock, from Gemse chamois + Bock buck 1
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