[ jee-nuh, gen-uh ]


, Zoology, Anatomy.
, plural ge·nae [jee, -nee, gen, -ee].
  1. the cheek or side region of the head.

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Other Words From

  • genal adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of gena1

1820–30; < Latin: cheek; cognate with Greek génys jaw, chin

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Example Sentences

But I always go back to Bette Davis and Gena Rowlands and some of the great actresses whose greatest roles came later.

My wife, Gena, and I give back in many ways, the chief of which is through our nonprofit children's foundation, KICKSTART KIDS.

EB: I did feel like Gena Rowlands when I was doing this movie.

I remember growing up and loving Gena Rowlands with that line from Gloria, ‘Go ahead, punk.’

“Gena” and “Glen,” an old black and tan collie, live in the house, the inseparable companions of genial Mrs. Hugh Brown.

Temple: the posterior part of the gena; behind, before or beneath the eye.

Post-gena: the sclerite below occiput and behind gena in some Orthoptera.

In appearance, little tiny “Gena” bears the palm from all the Pomeranians.


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