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[jee-nuh, gen-uh]
noun, plural ge·nae [jee-nee, gen-ee] /ˈdʒi ni, ˈgɛn i/. Zoology, Anatomy.
  1. the cheek or side region of the head.
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Origin of gena

1820–30; < Latin: cheek; cognate with Greek génys jaw, chin
Related formsge·nal, adjective
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Historical Examples of genal

  • We divide the face into three zones: the genal,4 buccal, and frontal.

    Delsarte System of Oratory


  • Genal bristles: Diptera; are on the cheeks near lower corner of eye.

  • The first genal spine, or first tooth in the head-comb, is shorter in the dog-fleas of both sexes than it is in the cat-fleas.

    The Flea

    Harold Russell

  • Length of cephalon, 40 mm.; width at genal angles, restored, about 62 mm.

  • Genal cca occur on blind trilobites, on trilobites with simple eyes, and on trilobites with compound eyes.

genal in Medicine


n. pl. ge•nae (-nē)
  1. The cheek or lateral side of the face.
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Related formsgenal adj.
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