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As a general rule, a district judge’s decision remanding a case to state court cannot be appealed.

As a general rule, the younger you are, the more eggs you have, and the more likely an egg-freezing process will be successful.

From Time

As a general rule, I don’t like averages and I don’t think advertisers should use them to make decisions.

Turtles that live in the ocean are able to learn general rules that allow them to land on the same beach year after year to lay eggs, despite the fact that the objects and features of the aquatic world that they use to navigate changes constantly.

The general rule is to avoid the ocean a full 72 hours after a big rain like Sunday’s.

As a general rule, Alasania said it was important “to rely more on diplomatic resources” than the military.

As a general rule, business wants low taxes, balanced budgets, and light regulation from government.

As a general rule, I have a lot of time for Hayes, who I think is more interested in facts and data than most people on cable TV.

But as a general rule, you should err on the side of marrying early.

The general rule is: From a single house of Congress you can resist but you cannot impose.

By the more general rule the land must be connected in a single piece, though in some states the pieces may be distinct.

As a general rule, however, the earth should remain rather than be shaken off.

What you send in a letter, is, as a general rule, intended for the perusal of one person only.

As a general rule, those of each country generally took their meals separately with their own countrymen.

This is the general rule, though from its nature there is much room for its application.





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