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verb (used with object), gen·er·at·ed, gen·er·at·ing.
  1. to bring into existence; cause to be; produce.
  2. to create by a vital or natural process.
  3. to create and distribute vitally and profusely: He generates ideas that we all should consider. A good diplomat generates good will.
  4. to reproduce; procreate.
  5. to produce by a chemical process.
  6. Mathematics.
    1. to trace (a figure) by the motion of a point, straight line, or curve.
    2. to act as base for all the elements of a given set: The number 2 generates the set 2, 4, 8, 16.
  7. Linguistics. to produce or specify (a grammatical sentence or other construction or set of constructions) by the application of a rule or set of rules in a generative grammar.
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verb (used without object), gen·er·at·ed, gen·er·at·ing.
  1. to reproduce; propagate.
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Origin of generate

1350–1400; Middle English < Latin generātus produced, past participle of generāre to beget; see genus
Related formsin·ter·gen·er·at·ing, adjectivenon·gen·er·at·ing, adjectivepre·gen·er·ate, verb (used with object), pre·gen·er·at·ed, pre·gen·er·at·ing.un·gen·er·at·ed, adjectiveun·gen·er·at·ing, adjective

Synonyms for generate

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spawn, develop, engender, make, provoke, cause, achieve, procreate, accomplish, form, perform, breed, induce, hatch, beget, parent, effect, bear, propagate, introduce

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Historical Examples of generate

  • Nothing had yet occurred to generate in me any fear before the face of man.

    Wilfrid Cumbermede

    George MacDonald

  • When we give in or conform to this seduction we generate Sin.

  • Arthritis and gout have been known to generate criminality in the descendants.

    Criminal Man

    Gina Lombroso-Ferrero

  • They are built on planets and generate tremendous amounts of power.

    The Repairman

    Harry Harrison

  • Just what kind of turns with what around what did you make to generate a psi force?

    Sense from Thought Divide

    Mark Irvin Clifton

British Dictionary definitions for generate


verb (mainly tr)
  1. to produce or bring into being; create
  2. (also intr) to produce (electricity), esp in a power station
  3. to produce (a substance) by a chemical process
  4. maths linguistics to provide a precise criterion or specification for membership in (a set)these rules will generate all the noun phrases in English
  5. geometry to trace or form by moving a point, line, or plane in a specific waycircular motion of a line generates a cylinder
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Word Origin for generate

C16: from Latin generāre to beget, from genus kind
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Word Origin and History for generate


c.1500, "to beget" (offspring), a back-formation from generation or else from Latin generatus, past participle of generare "to beget, produce" (see generation); originally "to beget;" in reference to natural forces, conditions, substances, etc., attested from 1560s. Related: Generated; generating.

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