gentian blue


  1. a purplish-blue colour
  2. (as adjective)gentian-blue shoes

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Examples from the Web for gentian blue

Historical Examples of gentian blue

  • His brown face and his gentian-blue eyes were high and noble.

  • He has close-cropped, bronzy brown hair and gentian-blue eyes and his skin is burned to a glowing copper luster.

    Jane Journeys On

    Ruth Comfort Mitchell

  • He was a spare, small, elderly man, with a white face and gentian-blue eyes and a mouth that could make up as anything.

    Mystery at Geneva

    Rose Macaulay

  • Almost simultaneously there burst into the room a small trim girl with smooth fair hair and gentian-blue eyes.

  • Mollie wore her heavy dark-blue traveling coat, with a gentian-blue scarf tied about her throat.