any of various gentianaceous plants, esp the alpine species Gentiana acaulis, which has showy blue flowers
any of several related plants of the genus Gentianella

Word Origin for gentianella

C17: from New Latin, literally: a little gentian
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Historical Examples of gentianella

  • "There was a prince on the other side," confessed the Princess Gentianella.

  • That was how the Princess Gentianella was left alone in the most beautiful garden on this side of the sun.

  • Princess Gentianella gathered up her train with much dignity and turned her back on the Prince.

  • All the laughter died out of Princess Gentianella's face, and she looked up at the wymp in a very woe-begone manner indeed.

  • "I am going to find the Witch's daughter," answered Princess Gentianella, looking back impatiently.