1. any of various gentianaceous plants, esp the alpine species Gentiana acaulis, which has showy blue flowers
  2. any of several related plants of the genus Gentianella

Word Origin for gentianella

C17: from New Latin, literally: a little gentian
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Examples from the Web for gentianella

Historical Examples of gentianella

  • "There was a prince on the other side," confessed the Princess Gentianella.

  • That was how the Princess Gentianella was left alone in the most beautiful garden on this side of the sun.

  • Princess Gentianella gathered up her train with much dignity and turned her back on the Prince.

  • All the laughter died out of Princess Gentianella's face, and she looked up at the wymp in a very woe-begone manner indeed.

  • "I am going to find the Witch's daughter," answered Princess Gentianella, looking back impatiently.