[ jawrj ]
/ dʒɔrdʒ /
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a figure of St. George killing the dragon, especially one forming part of the insignia of the Order of the Garter.
British Slang. any coin bearing the image of St. George.
a word formerly used in communications to represent the letter G.
British Slang. an automatic pilot on an airplane.



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Idioms for George

    by George!Chiefly British Informal. (an exclamation used to express astonishment, approval, etc.)

Definition for George (2 of 2)

[ jawrj; for 4 also German gey-ohr-guh ]
/ dʒɔrdʒ; for 4 also German geɪˈoʊr gə /


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British Dictionary definitions for George (1 of 2)

/ (dʒɔːdʒ) /


David Lloyd . See Lloyd George
Sir Edward (Alan John), known as Eddie. 1938–2009, British economist, governor of the Bank of England (1993–2003)
Henry. 1839–97, US economist: advocated a single tax on land values, esp in Progress and Poverty (1879)
Saint. died ?303 ad, Christian martyr, the patron saint of England; the hero of a legend in which he slew a dragon. Feast day: April 23
(German ɡeˈɔrɡə) Stefan (Anton) (ˈʃtɛfan). 1868–1933, German poet and aesthete. Influenced by the French Symbolists, esp Mallarmé and later by Nietzsche, he sought for an idealized purity of form in his verse. He refused Nazi honours and went into exile in 1933

British Dictionary definitions for George (2 of 2)

/ (dʒɔːdʒ) /


British informal the automatic pilot in an aircraft

Word Origin for George

C20: originally a slang name for an airman
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