/ (ˈdʒɜːˌfɔːlkən, -ˌfɔːkən) /

  1. a variant spelling of gyrfalcon

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How to use gerfalcon in a sentence

  • This bird is much larger than the Peregrine Falcon, and, indeed, is very little less than the great gerfalcon itself.

    Bible Animals; | J. G. Wood
  • Smaller than the royal gerfalcon, the Bishop's bird was none the less a swift and beautiful creature.

    Sir Nigel | Arthur Conan Doyle
  • And who that putteth that knight to the worse shall have a fair maid and a gerfalcon.

  • He put his gerfalcon on the perch provided in the hall for such use by the guests.

    Life on a Mediaeval Barony | William Stearns Davis
  • But the falcon was indeed a thoroughbred, with the eye of a gerfalcon.

    Marguerite de Valois | Alexandre Dumas