German Ocean

  1. a former name for the North Sea

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How to use German Ocean in a sentence

  • It is said her rivers are without any known end, and that lakes are found in her bosom which would put our German Ocean to shame!

    The Pilot | J. Fenimore Cooper
  • He would not have carried his pike so cheerily either, if his eyes had been good enough to see across the German Ocean.

    Sword and Gown | George A. Lawrence
  • The breeze blew freshly from the German Ocean, over the purple hills; but it brought no coolness to that miserable Boanerges.

    Sword and Gown | George A. Lawrence
  • It is entered by a small orifice like a fox's hole, in the face of the rugged cliffs which front the German Ocean near Trouphead.

    The Book-Hunter | John Hill Burton
  • From the German Ocean to the Mediterranean not an army or a fortress had been able to resist the revolutionary arms.

    Lectures on the French Revolution | John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton