[ je-stey-shuhn ]
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  1. the process, state, or period of gestating.

Origin of gestation

1525–35; <Latin gestātiōn- (stem of gestātiō), equivalent to gestāt(us) (see gestate) + -iōn--ion

Other words from gestation

  • ges·ta·tion·al, ges·ta·tive [jes-tuh-tiv, je-stey-], /ˈdʒɛs tə tɪv, dʒɛˈsteɪ-/, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for gestation


/ (dʒɛˈsteɪʃən) /

    • the development of the embryo of a viviparous mammal, between conception and birth: about 266 days in humans, 624 days in elephants, and 63 days in cats

    • (as modifier): gestation period

  1. the development of an idea or plan in the mind

  1. the period of such a development

Origin of gestation

C16: from Latin gestātiō a bearing, from gestāre to bear, frequentative of gerere to carry

Derived forms of gestation

  • gestational or gestative (ˈdʒɛstətɪv, dʒɛˈsteɪ-), adjective
  • gestatory, adjective

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Scientific definitions for gestation


[ jĕ-stāshən ]

  1. The period of time spent in the uterus between conception and birth. Gestation in humans is about nine months.

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