[ jes-cher ]
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  1. a movement or position of the hand, arm, body, head, or face that is expressive of an idea, opinion, emotion, etc.: the gestures of an orator; a threatening gesture.

  2. the use of such movements to express thought, emotion, etc.

  1. any action, courtesy, communication, etc., intended for effect or as a formality; considered expression; demonstration: a gesture of friendship.

  2. Digital Technology. a particular movement of the body, typically the fingers or hand, used to control or interact with a digital device (often used attributively): a gesture command;Use a two-finger pinching gesture on your touchscreen to zoom in or out.

verb (used without object),ges·tured, ges·tur·ing.
  1. to make or use a gesture or gestures.

verb (used with object),ges·tured, ges·tur·ing.
  1. to express by a gesture or gestures.

Origin of gesture

1375–1425; late Middle English <Medieval Latin gestūra mode of action, manner, bearing, equivalent to Latin gest(us) past participle of gerere to bear, carry on, perform + ūra-ure

Other words from gesture

  • ges·tur·al, adjective
  • ges·tur·er, noun
  • un·ges·tur·al, adjective
  • un·ges·tur·ing, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2023

How to use gesture in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for gesture


/ (ˈdʒɛstʃə) /

  1. a motion of the hands, head, or body to emphasize an idea or emotion, esp while speaking

  2. something said or done as a formality or as an indication of intention: a political gesture

  1. obsolete the manner in which a person bears himself; posture

  1. to express by or make gestures; gesticulate

Origin of gesture

C15: from Medieval Latin gestūra bearing, from Latin gestus, past participle of gerere to bear

Derived forms of gesture

  • gestural, adjective
  • gesturer, noun

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