get down

verb(mainly adverb)
  1. (intr; also preposition) to dismount or descend

  2. (tr; also preposition) to bring down: we could not get the wardrobe down the stairs

  1. (tr) to write down

  2. (tr) to make depressed: your nagging gets me down

  3. (tr) to swallow: he couldn't get the meal down

  4. (intr foll by to) to attend seriously (to); concentrate (on) (esp in the phrases get down to business or brass tacks)

  5. (intr) informal, mainly US to enjoy oneself uninhibitedly, esp by dancing

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get down

Descend; bring down; also, swallow. For example, He's getting down from the ladder, or Can you get the cat down from the tree? or I can't seem to get this pill down. [Late 1500s]

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