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get into


  1. intr to enter
  2. intr to reach (a destination)

    the train got into London at noon

  3. to get dressed in (clothes)
  4. intr to preoccupy or obsess (a person's emotions or thoughts)

    what's got into him tonight?

  5. to assume or cause to assume (a specified condition, habit, etc)

    get a person into a mess

    to get into debt

  6. to be elected to or cause to be elected to

    to get into Parliament

  7. informal.
    usually intr to become or cause to become familiar with (a skill)

    once you get into driving you'll enjoy it

  8. informal.
    usually intr to develop or cause to develop an absorbing interest in (a hobby, subject, or book)

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Early-decision and early-action programs are used by many of the most popular and toughest-to-get-into colleges in the country.


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